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Our Offer

Course of a campaign

Our work consist of creating customized campaigns and advertising strategies to represent you or your company on social media platforms.

5 - 7 days                           


In the beginning, well have a personal conversation to find exactly what you want to promote and create goals you want to reach.
We start by collecting information about you and/or your company and begin to create the best position for your social media page. During the development process we maintain close contact with our clients to receive feedback, thoughts, and ideas. After the development process we will present you the final campaign and discuss final details. The campaign will be launched once the client gives us their affirmation.

7 - 28 days                           


After the launch we will give you constant updates about the status and the next steps in the campaign. During the campaign you will have the ability to make adjustments, if desired. The satisfaction of our clients is our first priority.

1 - 2 days                         


After the campaign we will discuss with you the results and help you with the next steps for you and your brand.

An average campaign takes approximatly 2-5 weeks 

All numbers are costumizeable and can be changes to suit your demand

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